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After serving nearly 8 years in the U.S. Air Force as a Supply Chain Specialist, I went to work for Defense Contractors in the same field for the next 20 years traveling all across the U.S. In 2016 my family and I moved back to Watertown, NY where I was born and raised. We moved back to be closer to my parents. Only 2 months after returning home my father Peter passed away from cancer. In 2017 my wife Bella and I decided to get back into the mobile food vending business. My dad introduced me to this business in the 1980's when he opened his own hot dog truck and worked events on weekends. I loved the business, and knew then I was destined to follow in his footsteps at some point.

In 1998, while living in Florida, I bought my first hot dog cart and I was hooked! Over the next 5 years we grew to 4 carts and a trailer. In 2004 I received a job offer that would take us to Arizona, so unfortunately we had to sell the business, but that fire to get back into it never subsided, so in 2017 we opened SOLDIER BOY FUDGE,LLC. When deciding on a business name we wanted to find a way to honor my Dad's legacy as my mentor in this business. After all, without his knowledge and support, I would never have been introduced to this fun and rewarding business! The name SOLDIER BOY was a natural fit to honor the man who served in the U.S. Army at Fort Drum, NY where he met and fell in love with my wonderful mother. Their favorite song was "Soldier Boy" by the Shirelles, and it was this song he listened to repeatedly in his final days with us on earth. It didn't take us long to figure out this was the name we wanted to carry on his legacy, while creating one for ourselves and our daughter, Ashleigh who loves to work with us.

After talking with many of our Fudge customers over a couple of years we saw a need for a sweet treat that was "Dairy FREE" and "Gluten FREE" and from that feedback "Soldier Boy Italian Ice, LLC" was born in the spring of 2019 and our inaugural was a great success. We look forward to what 2020 has in store!

We currently setup at the Fort Drum PX, Syracuse VA, and various events throughout the northern and central, NY area and beyond!

As a family of service, we look forward to serving you soon!

We list where we will be regularly on our Facebook Page.


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Tom & Bella Gilmartin

Soldier Boy Fudge, LLC

Watertown, New York, United States